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Realize Your Enlivened Potential

Sometimes you just find yourself at a pivotal moment where emotional pain or confusion brings you to a standstill. This can be brought on by depression, anxiety, identity challenges, relationship issues — or in being at other junctures in your own individual journey that can feel frightening and overwhelming to navigate through without additional support.

By establishing a safe and trusting therapeutic partnership with you, I skillfully work to really hear what your underlying hurt, stress or pain might be related to. This allows me to creatively assist you in developing greater insight into your own strengths and unresolved conflicts, in taking healthy steps to unblock what has felt stuck, and in discovering greater meaningfulness and personal empowerment.

I have been a therapist for over 15 years and continue to find gratification in guiding someone like you through life’s unplanned obstacles, even the most difficult ones. As a gay man and as a person of color, I especially appreciate and acknowledge the contributive influences related to your particular cultural background, family dynamics, sexuality, gender and different identities that define who you are.

This gives me a unique vantage in providing deep empathy and understanding, thereby enhancing the rich experiences you can have being in therapy — a proven way to look within and to move forward in service of your betterment and enlivened potential.

The Right Therapist for You

As your therapist, I can provide the individualized attention you need when you are in emotional pain, confused or feeing stuck. I skillfully create a safe warm place for you and I to work together as we get at the core of what is troubling you. You might be depressed, anxious, unsure of what steps to take next, or your attempts to manage on your own aren’t working now. With over 15 years experience, I’m here to help you find your way to greater personal satisfaction through an enlivened relationship to yourself and others.

LGBTQ Affirmative Psychotherapy

If you are an LGBTQ individual seeking therapy at this time, I will always honor your exceptional diverse background. As a gay affirming therapist, your sexual orientation, gender, race and ethnicity and other aspects of your unique self will never be left outside the therapy room. With this affirmative attitude, I can best assist you in getting to the core of what’s been troubling you and support you onto the road of healing, to develop greater self- acceptance, and to experience a richer more meaningful life.

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