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A Care-Filled Approach

Looking for a therapist starts with wanting to find someone with whom you can feel safe opening up. Whether you are in pain, feeling lost, or looking for greater purpose and meaning in your life, starting to talk about this with a stranger can be a very scary step to take.

With me as your therapist, you will find care-filled attentiveness and warmth as you begin to tell me what you are needing assistance with. Quickly you come to experience my commitment to being non-judgmental to whatever you bring up, to being receptive to your uniqueness as a person, and to being curious with you as you begin to put words to your feelings and concerns in a safe and confidential environment.

You might be at a crossroads where the challenges you are facing feel overwhelming and seemingly unbearable or unsolvable. Challenges that might be related to current relationships in your life or for your desire for more satisfying relationships.  You might be at a stage in your life where big decisions need to be made – around romance, career, retirement, health and more. Or you might be struggling with the small day-to-day tasks that can seem overwhelming.  You might find it difficult to identify and express your feelings, which interferes with you feeling more personally fulfilled and self-assured. Any of this can leave you depressed, anxious and unsure of what to do next.

A Safe Haven for Growth and Healing

My aim is to give you a secure place where all your feelings, thoughts or questions are accepted and encouraged. Having access to such a safe place is so crucial to unlocking what has affected moving forward in your life.

As your therapist, I play a vital role in getting to the core of what stands in the way of your greater satisfaction and success. I will confidently help you find ways to better cope with the challenges and concerns in front of you. Together we can start to unravel what has been keeping you from a relationship to a more enlivened experience inside yourself and in the world in which you live on a daily basis.

As we move through your healing process, my individualized attention assists you in developing skills to bring a greater sense of personal empowerment and a more valued self-appreciation. My years of experience can assist you in moving from pain and stuckness to having the experience of greater vitality, purpose and ease.

A Little About Me

Being gay with my own diverse background, I know first-hand what it is like to feel confused, different, misunderstood, and marginalized — along with all the destructive effects this can have. I became inspired to value understanding my own inner world of feelings, thoughts and needs.

As a result, my work as a therapist is strongly influenced by psychodynamic approaches that appreciate looking inward as a worthwhile path to healing. This includes a strong resonance with Carl Jung and analytic psychology, along with the benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

In addition to my private practice in West Hollywood, I also enjoy being an affiliate faculty member at Antioch University Los Angeles in their Masters Program in Clinical Psychology. For the past 10 years, I have taught in their general course of study and also in the LGBT Specialization, providing students a unique and powerful instruction in the theory and practice of LGBT Affirmative psychotherapy. All this has instilled in me a strong desire to help individuals like you, often from backgrounds different than my own, to achieve a unique path to a richer more meaningful life.

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