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What Can I Expect From Therapy?

When you decide to explore if therapy might help you, you are making an important choice in support of your own self-care. Participating in psychotherapy with me can result in many benefits for you including improvement in your relationships with others, in gaining a better understanding of yourself and how to best support yourself in all areas of your life. Together you and I will work to find what best supports you in participating fully while respecting your needs, pacing and goals.

How Often Do We Meet?

Typically we meet once a week for 50 minutes each session, and sometimes twice a week depending on the issues you are coming in with. This regularly scheduled arrangement is the best way to get the most from this most unique experience. This tends to send a positive message to yourself that you are worth investing time in so that you might optimally address the issues that are causing pain and are in need of your focused attention. This will be discussed in detail when we meet and set your goals for therapy.

How Long Will I Be in Therapy with You?

Each person’s needs are different, so the length of the therapy will be different for everyone. Therapy depends on the many factors unique to you and the range of issues you are bringing in to discuss. Therapy has the best results when you attend regularly and build momentum as you get comfortable to involve yourself actively, openly and honestly. 

How Does Therapy Work?

Most importantly, my job is to create a safe place when you’ve reached that point where reaching out to a trained professional like myself is the next step. There are many reasons that you might be in pain, stuck or lost, often without your full understanding or awareness of why this might be so. By listening carefully to what is troubling you, I help you connect more effectively with all aspects of yourself, including becoming more aware of feelings that can bring new insights into who you are, what has held you back and how you would like to grow and develop. In the process of learning how to more fully value your feelings, we begin to uncover beliefs about yourself that might be healthy to challenge. By working together to appreciate being curious about looking within, you can become your own strongest advocate with more confidence and clarity in understanding your relationship to yourself and in how you relate to others.

What Kind of Clients do You Work With?

I work with mostly adult individuals and couples from a broad range of backgrounds and life experiences. Being a gay person of color has contributed significantly to my interest in honoring each person’s individuality and unique identity. So whatever your ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender, age or profession might be, my main goal is in assisting you with whatever has been creating pain in your life. I am committed to working with you and fostering your commitment to healing, investing in your worthwhile pursuit of knowing yourself more fully, and to therefore create a life with greater meaning and fulfillment.

If I’m LGBTQ, Can Only Another LGBTQ Therapist Help Me?

There are many qualified experienced non-LGBTQ therapists that can assist you. Of most importance is how the therapist in their effort to be accepting and supportive, also understands that your identity isn’t a box on a shelf separate from the other areas of life experience. For example, you might be coming in stating you are depressed. I would want to know your full background to determine what’s related to your depression. It is very possible, that among other contributing factors, your depression might include aspects of your complex identity that might be related to being LGBTQ, to being a person of color, to being a woman. To help you with your depression and inadvertently leave this out would be a great disservice to you. My attitude is to celebrate all of who you are and therefore find what areas of your life and identity are not being given their rightful consideration and attention in order to enhance the possibility of you having a richer fuller life.

How Much Does it Cost?

I have a standard fee and in certain cases I might be able to make adjustments in order to work together. I will gladly discuss the fee when we talk during our initial consultation.

Do You Take Insurance?

I am not an in-network provider for any insurance carriers, which opts me out of being able to take insurance. However, if you have a PPO or EPO plan, you might be able to get some reimbursements after payments are made to me, and you are encouraged to find out what the arrangements of your particular plan are for an out-of-network provider like myself.

Where is Your Office?

I am located at 8235 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 309, West Hollywood, CA 90045. My office is conveniently located near Crescent Heights in the heart of West Hollywood. You will find non-metered neighborhood parking, metered parking on Santa Monica Boulevard, and nearby city parking lots.

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