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LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy

If you are an LGBTQ individual coming to me for therapy, empowering you starts with my firm belief in your exceptional and unquestioned value rooted in your unique identity — that you are worthy of feeling good about yourself, worthy of being successful and productive in all your life’s endeavors, and that you are worthy of experiencing loving relationships with yourself and with others.

As a gay man, I am committed to not recreating any situation in the therapy setting where this most important part of your experience as a person would be hidden, shamed or devalued. This integral component of who you are will not be left at the door but will instead be fully appreciated and regarded.

With all the important progress the LGBTQ community has experienced, growing up and being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer in our culture may still have understandably led you to learn to hide and not express yourself fully. You might be carrying the injury of having been bullied, unseen for who you were growing up, or overtly abused because of your identity. As a result, you might be suffering consequences and a pain that you may not even be fully aware of. And even if you didn’t experience such harsh treatment growing up, the oppressions of homophobia and heterosexism may still be contributing to your anxiety, depression, shame, or low self-esteem. You might find that this sometimes results in behaviors that have brought you added challenges. 

I am very skilled in assisting you alleviate a whole range of possible stresses that weave in and out of your life, often intertwined with your most valuable identity.

  • If you are a person of color, you might have very particular needs as you try to balance your sexual orientation, gender, and race and ethnicity with other aspects of your daily life.
  • You might be struggling to create and maintain healthy romantic relationships. This can come with conflicting feelings you might have about communication issues, being lonely and isolated, or insecurity due to body image.
  • You may also be discovering that aging in the gay community comes with its own distressing obstacles related to retirement, unexpectedly living long-term with HIV, and the alienating invisibility you might experience in a youth-oriented culture.

  • Or the support I can offer you might be in assisting you acquire the rapidly changing skills you need to navigate the sometimes confusing and confounding arenas of dating, sex, HIV, and PrEP.  

    You understandably want to be as comfortable as possible to openly address issues like these. To this end, I offer a lively gay-affirming outlook in a safe caring environment for you to talk openly about whatever might be troubling you. In this affirming and liberating therapy, I make it a point to give you the opportunity to express feelings, thoughts, dreams, and goals – that otherwise you may not have been able to fully explore and are so often woven into being LGBTQ. To further support you, I can help you develop the skills and tools to strengthen healthy attitudes and beliefs about yourself. And with this comes my genuine effort to assist you in finding deeper self-appreciation, interest and curiosity in the relationship you have with yourself as an LGBTQ person. You might find this has an invigorating influence on the relationships you have with others, with work and with other aspects of your complex life.

    Being gay with a mixed-race background, I have had my own experiences with some of the challenges discussed in this section. Early on, this led me to explore my own self-realization potential as I developed an appreciative gay identity through my own experience of strongly gay affirming therapy.

    Together, we can explore what stands in the way of greater possibilities and find the doorway to your increased capacity to love, to your enhanced creative expression, and to begin opening up your untapped potential.

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